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Badges/Name colors and Mod-functions for the Flow-Core

A referral system for free premium time!


Why is Medivha not a webapp?

While it might seem a bit strange to have download software in 2020 I decided for this because of functions that I wanted to add and that would not work with a webapp.

For example the Jumpscare core can show scares in front of your games, this is very difficult to do with browser security and window behavior in mind.

Why is Medivha not completely free?

This is my full-time job, all I do is create apps and code in projects.
While I love what I do and want to help people with it, I still have to earn my money somehow.

Can I get my money back?
Yes, but please use the 15 day trial first and decide then if you want to buy!

What platforms does Medivha run on?
At this time only Windows is supported because of a lack of testers for IOS/Linux.
If you are using either system feel free to reach out and get beta access!

Can I affiliate for Medivha?
Yes you can!
Just reach out to me and we will set up links for you if we both think its a good fit!
Affiliates get 50% of every sale they make!

I have ideas for more features!!
Please do reach out to me and tell me about them!
I will keep adding more and more cores as time goes on and would love to work with you!


For help please reach out to me on any of the here linked platforms!

Keep in mind that I am a lone dev and might need a moment to reply.

Be assured I will always answer as fast as possible!

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